Ever since I was very young one thing that always stood out to me was good design. I grew a love for art and design at that point, and started becoming heavily involved with creating what I viewed as beautiful. What was beautiful to me often displayed itself with simple minimalist shapes that when sculpted just right really turned into something still simple yet beautiful. From a young age I began playing around with different materials, paints, metals, woods, glass, and plastics. Materials that when by themselves are not the most exciting, however, when put together they become something very striking. When I got to a point where I couldn't fall asleep because I needed to be sketching or creating an idea on my mind. That is when I knew that it was my calling to become an artist. From that point on, I made it my mission to bring my ideas and designs to as many people as I can. I have been blown away with the overwhelming attention that my art has gathered, and I am honored to say that there are many large sculptures commissioned and displayed throughout many residential homes and large commercial businesses in the mid Michigan area. working out of my studio in Holt, MI gives me just enough space to bring these crazy ideas to fruition. Now I am happy to say that I ship art so that everyone may be able to experience a little bit of what beautiful design looks like to me in their own space.